Monday, January 23, 2012

Electronic Music Entry

Kraftwerk is an industrial electronic music group and was very experimental. They're musical style was ever changing originally with there first few albums Kraftwerk had common instruments like flute and guitars and were more open and free form rock but as they moved on with 'Ralf and Florian' they moved more toward an electric sound. That album also featured what would be a signature mainstay in later releases, the use of vocoder.

They were not like musicians who were popular at the time with beards and long hair they were very organized and were in line. They would play in suits and would have kept hair with clean shaved faces like in the cover of 'Trans-Europe Express'. Ralf and Florian were the leaders and primary songwriters of the group. With just about every album they made there was a concept behind it whether it was nuclear energy and radio in 'Radio-Activity' to road travel with the 'Autobahn'. Autobahn, released in 1974, was a successful album for them and the title track even though it was originally a very long track, 22 minutes, after edited and released as a single was a pop hit.

Not every album was as successful and albums like Trans-Europe Express were a commercial flop but it was unique. They wanted the music to sound like a train that was moving. They're music inspired many people including a famous superstar who actually moved to Germany partly because of them. David Bowie who's last album had some synthesis but also folk music with the next to albums with Brian Eno they introduced electronic music to the masses with the albums, Low and Heroes.

Kraftwerk was influential to many and as a fan of music I appreciate that and as a student learning about music history anyone who brings something fresh and new I like but even though I'm not a particular fan of their music I respect that.

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  1. Thomas Hester, by reading your post on Kraftwerk and their history making albums, I took in good information about the uniqueness and creativity that Ralf and Florian had in Electronic Music. I liked the comparison you gave to the other musicians around at that time, such as the appearance they had, which most of us will probably assume were the more popular rock bands in the 1970’s. Perhaps giving the year on which each of the albums were released would give a reader more aware of a time frame, but even without that, great post! I look forward to reading your future blog posts.